Request a Home Visit or Phone Call for Healing Ministry

The Ambassadors 4 Him team is taking the summer off and will begin scheduling calls and home visits again later in August 2021. Henry and Leslie will be available on a limited basis for emergency type requests during this break. If you need prayer, please complete the short form below and we will be in contact with you.

    I understand that by requesting Prayer Ministry Calls or In Home Visits by the Ambassadors 4 Him team that I’m making myself available for prayer ministry and that the members of the Ambassadors 4 Him team are not offering medical advice, will not give direction regarding any medication that I’m taking for my condition and will not offer advice concerning any medical treatment(s) that I may currently be involved with by my own medical professionals. By completing the request form above and clicking the SEND button below, I give my consent to be contacted.

    After you complete this form, watch the video below… Healing is God’s Idea

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