Henry and Leslie listened to these audios during our trip to Tennessee in February 2021. We were blessed and encouraged as Andrew shared the simple truths regarding healing. From God’s perspective, it is already done. Andrew shares how we can take hold of this for ourselves and see others healed.

Jesus has commanded that we love others the way He loves us. Most Christians think that is impossible to do. Listen to Andrew Wommack as he teaches about healing live at the 2018 Chicago, IL Gospel Truth Conference on the subject of “Believing God for Healing”.

You can go to his website HERE and find many more teachings as well as other resources. You can join his mailing list, order resources or donate to support the ministry of AWMI.NET.

To listen to the 22, 15 minute episodes go to THIS LINK and select the year 2018. You will find the series beginning with Week 44 through Week 49. Here is the direct link to Episode #1.

Here are direct links to the other episodes.

Episodes 2-6 are on this page.

Episodes 7-11 are on this page.

Episodes 12-16 are on this page.

Episodes 17-21 are on this page.

And episode 22 is here.

There is a YouTube Video playlist from the Chicago Gospel Truth Conference, 2018 that the Audios were pulled from for the series, Believing God for Healing. Click on the image below to access the full video playlist.

Andrew Wommack’s YouTube channel

Here is the link to the whole 2020 “Healing is Here” conference. CLICK HERE!


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